Black Lion Kenpo Karate


Mr James Mitose




Chu' Fa or Kenpo was passed down to James Mitose who began teaching publicly in the 1940's. Koshoshorei Kenpo, the Mitose family system consists of a complete religious, philosophical, and nutrition system, Japanese yoga, a series of evasion tactics known as escape patterns, and a body contact art known as Koshorvu Kenpo. Mitose's ancestors had kept the system alive by teaching it to successive generations of family members, but did not share the contact science ( Koshoryu Kenpo ) with outsiders.

After Mitose had completed his own Kenpo training in his family temple in Japan, he traveled to Hawaii where he was prevailed upon by the U.S. military to teach the Koshoryu Kenpo art to soldiers for use during WW2. One of James Mitose's students was William Chow


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