Black Lion Kenpo Karate

Purple Belt

Information on The Purple Belt


Grip of Death
Obscure Wing
Thrusting Salute
Lone Kimono
Raining Claw
Crossing Talon
Triggered Salute
Locking Horns
Gift of Destruction
Thrusting Prongs
Parting Wings
Defying the Storm
Spiraling Twig
Hugging Pendulum
Crossed Twig
Begging Hands


Right side headlock
R rear L shoulder grab
R front kick
L hand lapel grab
R uppercut punch
R to R wrist grab
R straight shoulder push
Front headlock
Front over arm bear hug
Two hand Lapel grab pushing
Side Club
Bear Hug rear arms trapped
R side Thrust kick
Rear Wrist grab
Front Wrist grab


Crescent Kick
Reverse Crescent Kick.
Snap Rear Kick.
Three Way Kick
Chicken Kick


Long One



Stick Set.

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