Black Lion Kenpo Karate

Orange Belt

Information on The Orange Belt


Clutching Feathers
Dance of Death
Five Swords
Scraping Hoof
Shielding Hammer
Locked Wing
Reversing Mace
Obscure Sword
Crashing Wings
Evading the Storm
Snapping Twig
Leaping Crane
Crushing Hammer
Circling Wing
Calming the Storm


Left hand hair grab.
Right front punch
Right front roundhouse punch
Full Nelson
Left front hook punch
Right Hammerlock
L step through punch
R rear L hand shoulder grab
Rear bear hug- arms free
Front r overhead club
Front L- hand chest push
R front step-through punch
Bear hug-Arms pinned
Rear chock- arms bent
R front side club

Snap Kick. Front and Rear.
Side Thrust. Front and Rear.
Spinning Rear Kick.
Kicking Set.


Short One.

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