Black Lion Kenpo Karate

Green Belt

Information on The Green Belt


Circle of Doom. 
Broken Gift. 
Intercepting the Ram. 
Securing the Storm. 
Snaking Talon. 
Destructive Twins. 
Broken Ram. 
Escape from Death.  
Obscure Claws. 
Circles of Protection. 
Taming the Mace. 
Encounter with Danger. 
Heavenly Ascent. 
Capturing the Storm. 
Cross of Death. 


Right front kick
Front tackle
Right roundhouse club
Front two hand push
Two hand grab pulling
Front tackle
R rear arm choke
R rear flank L hand shoulder grab
R high step thru punch
R step thru P back to wall
Front push falling
Front two hand choke
R front over head club
Front cross choke


Long Two


Broad Sword


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