Black Lion Kenpo Karate

Blue Belt

Information on The Blue Belt

Spiraling Twig. 
Charging Ram. 
Obstructing the Storm. 
Swinging Pendulum. 
Cross of Destruction. 
Hooking Wings. 
Tripping Arrow. 
Thrusting Wedge. 
Flashing Wings. 
Shield and Mace. 
Raking Mace.    
Squeezing the peach. 
Thundering hammer. 
Wings of silk.
Bear hug rear arms trapped
Front Tackle
R overhead club
R roundhouse kick
Rear two hand choke
Low front two hand push
R front straight punch
R front bear hug free
Front high two hand push
R front straight punch
R step-thru punch
Two hand grab pulling in  
Rear bear hug trap
R step thru punch
Rear double arm grab


Crescent Rear Kick
Crescent Spinning Rear Kick
360 Spinning Rear Kick
180 Hook Kick
360 Hook Kick
180 Spinning Reverse Crescent Kick.


Short Two.


Short Sticks.

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