Black Lion Kenpo Karate

3rd Brown Belt

Information on The 3rd Brown Belt


Striking Serpent’s Head. 
Twirling Twigs. 
Conquering Shield. 
Fatal Cross.
Repeated Devastation. 
Dominating Circles. 
Blinding Sacrifice. 
Glancing Spear. 
Desperate Falcons. 
Flashing Mace. 
Flight to Freedom. 
Gripping Talon. 
Circling the Horizon. 
Retreating Pendulum.
Menacing Twirl. 
Brushing the Storm. 
The Backbreaker. 


Front Bear Hug, Free
Rear Shoulder Grab
L hand lapel Grab
Low two Hand Push
Full Nelson
Offset Shoulder Grab
Front two hand grab or Choke
Right to your left wrist grab
Both wrist grab Front
R step thru Punch
Right Hammerlock
L to R wrist grab
R step thru punch
R back kick
L rear belt grab
R Flank overhead club
R side step thru punch



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